Beauty Product Reviews

Good, but I prefer Seanik

This is a really nice smelling shampoo bar, I just found it left my hair a little greasy, overly soft and didn't work as well as Seanik did for me. I would reccomend it but I think it's probably better for dryer hair than mine.


This isn't greasy, I can't feel I've used it and it's just a really good moisturiser. It has virtually no odor too, which is a plus. It's kind to skin and doesn't hurt my eyes and on the whole, I love it.


I'm not 100% sure what defines a good mascara, this one added length and colour to my lashes without looking flakey, gunky, clumpy and gross. It looked natural and I would reccomened it.

Not great

I've had a lot better. I got the black one, it was see through and needed two or three coats, it was also a little too watery for my liking.


I found this fairly difficult to use, the brush was too long for me to have the control I wanted, the product itself was good, but I don't feel I could do anything too dramatic with it.

A good Barry M sub.

These are cheaper to buy than Barry M dazzle dusts, they're just as good. But as with all lose pigments they're prone to fall out, I found I got a really good colour and strength with the black one, however the pot did spill open once...


I don't really know what's in this, but it goes from green to pink! It's a very subtle and will vary daily. It's also very moist and softens my lips, it requires very little effort and it's so wearable.

The best!

This is the best lipstick I've ever found. They're the most reasonable brand I've found black lipstick from. The colours are bright, strong and long wearing. They're not sticky or bleedy, just right. The lipsticks are also very moisterising.


This is brilliant, highly pigmented and very east to blend. Because it's a lose shadow it has some fall out, but other than that it's fantastic. I can get a wide range of looks from it, and the colours are brilliant. I think the price is very fair. Some of the shadows also have glitter, which is cool, most of them are shimmery, and very dramatic :)

Over rated.

It was good, I liked the effect, but I think it's actually a little plain. The best way I've found of using it is to paint my nails in a rainbow of colours and coat them in it. <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> the worst thing about this nail varnish is that it ALWAYS needs a top coat. It also goes gunky on the brush.

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