Barry M

Instant Nail Effects Crackle


Taylor K.

I LOVE THIS! They only had black at my local drugstore, but when I applied it on top of a hot pink Barry M nail polish I was like WOAH! It gives an exciting twist to any nail colour - try it with a shimmer gold Barry M nail polish and you get a fantastic snake print nail! One thing I was dissapointed about - not very much, just slightly, the pattern that shows on the label isnt REALLY what it turns out like. It turns out more like.. sort of, faded train track pattern. Not as polished and a bit of a different pattern to the one that is shown on the tag. But anywho, I love this. AND it was cheap.

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Katie H.
Perfect mani every time :)

This nail polish dries so quickly so as soon as you've finished painting each nail, there's no need to wait for it to dry which is really convenient! It cracks perfectly every time and the black looks great over almost any colour.

Grace M.
I love crackle polishes

I love this crackle paint, one of my favorites. I saw a girl on YouTube from Ireland use it. Knowing some ppl from the UK, I used my connections to swap with her, and recieved one of these. These come in an impressive array of shades. She sent me the blue one. I feel this has the most even crackle. My advice when using these crackle paints is to wait for the base color to become solid, even for 24 hours as the case can be, before top coating with crackle for best results.

Amy R.
Favorite Crackle/Shatter Effect
Photo of product included with review by Amy R.

I found out about these polishes from a friend when the China Glaze Crackle polishes were impossible to find. She loved them so I ordered the black and white. I now love them. It was love at first crack.. but seriously. The pattern of the 'crackle' is one of my favorites compared to China Glaze and OPI. Hoping to get my hands on the blue and pink soon!

Jennifer F.
Worth Trying!
Photo of product included with review by Jennifer F.

Love this polish!! It dries to a matte finish but I always put two coats of a clear polish to seal it in. I usually can get 7 days of wear!

Shana R.
Allows you to create eye catching designs with minimal effort
Photo of product included with review by Shana R.

I love crackle nail polish - it allows you to create eye catching designs with minimal effort. You'll notice when you open the bottle that the texture of the polish is not like normal nail polish, it's a little more gluppier but don't let that put you off. Make sure that you have enough polish already on your brush and paint it on your nail, making sure not to re-paint over where you've already painted. If you're a fan of nail art but don't have the time to spend on drawing designs then this is defo worth the investment!

brooke and betsy m.
the best

hi i own a shop at dog shows in the north east " Bratilda nails" and all my custumors luv the crackle but tip dont buy the crocodile effect i bought it and it dosent work but the crackle does

Alejandra G.

I love this, I tried china glazes one but it dried out after a month, this has stayed perfect. It, cracks perfectly, the only problem I have is the brush because I have really long and big nails so I have to keep dipping it in after every stroke, which is kinda annoying.

Emma K.
Great and Funky

I love this sooo much im addicted to trying new colours underneath it and watching it crack to reveal the colours underneath haha, only negative is that its a little bit thick... but apart from that awesomeeeeee!!!

RachHeather C.
Good But Still Unsure

So i bought this crackle polish quite a while ago, and at first i was a bit worried that i wouldn't like it that much, but I DO! as long as you have a really nice polish colour underneath (Reccomend Barry M's mint green nail polish) once you find a REALLY nice colour that you like it over, which for me took a while because i don't usually have light coloured polishes. I currently only have the black shatter but may decide on buying some of the other colours that are available (pink, white, blue) Only real problem i had with the polish it that it gets REALLY thick and gloopy and I hate that about ALL nail polishes but overall it's a good polish but can get to gloopy and can be a nightmare having to shake the tube again after applying the colour to each nail Rach xXx