Barry M

Dazzle Dust

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Alina L.

A good eyeshadow if you want a high pigmented and color intense look. You have to practice and try out a little bit to find out how to aply it best. It's better to use a applicator than a brush if you want it very high pigmented. They are very good to blend and the color is great and really bright. It stays very long, even without primer. I also like that there are so much diffrent colors so everybody can find something. I love it!

Maryam K.

The colour in these little powder pots is sensational! I haven't come across any shadows so highly pigmented that last all day! You can build up the colour to very high pigmented or low pigmented, I would start off with less on your brush if your a new user as it can be overwhelming!

Sarah M.
Great quality!

Beautiful vivid and strong eyeshadows. Last for absolute ages. They also come in a wide range of colours and tones, so there is something for everyone. Last all night, even without an primer on the lids!

Gemma T.

I love the colours and how bright they are. They are great to blend and for me the last a long time.. I just need to practices with these more and come up with some lovely looks.

Andi F.
Photo of product included with review by Andi F.

This is brilliant, highly pigmented and very east to blend. Because it's a lose shadow it has some fall out, but other than that it's fantastic. I can get a wide range of looks from it, and the colours are brilliant. I think the price is very fair. Some of the shadows also have glitter, which is cool, most of them are shimmery, and very dramatic :)

Nichola C.

Heaven in a pot! I absoluely adore Dazzle Dusts and have done for many years! I have an impressive collection of these little beauties and they never fail to impress me. The are an absolute must for all you girlies out there who love a bit of sparkle in your lives. Applied with a brush Dazzle Dusts go on like a dream and stay glittery all day long! Long live the magic of Barry M!! <3 XOXOXOX

Natalie B.

I love these, the only problem is it doesn't say which shade it is on the pot so if you have one as a gift you wouldn't know what shade it is.. other than that I have no other cons with the product I recommend them 100% they are just awesome :)

RachHeather C.
Love Thisss

Love Barry M Dazzle Dusts They Are Very High Quality And They Last Forever If Your A Fan Of Pigment Eye Shadows These Are Great And They Are Only £4,50ish :P But They Are Fab Products I Currently Have 2 And They Are In Mint Green And Charchol. But They Have A Massive Range Of Colours Available :) Really Impressive Stuff, Only Problem Is They Can Sometimes Be Really Messy :P Love It <3 RachHeatherCosmetics xx