Beauty Product Reviews


This is probably the best drugstore eyeshadow I've ever tried. It has great pigmentation and intensity. These are such good quality. I'm obsessed with the bottom lid color, which is a dupe for MAC's Naked Lunch.


I love all of the shades, they're all so gorgeous and simple. My favorites are Silk Teddy and Nude Beach. I would consider this a good dupe (its $36) for the Naked Palette (which is $50) Great quality, cute packaging, and amazing product.


This helps keeps my hair healthy after religiously using a flat iron or curling iron almost every day. Sometimes it does allow my hair to be burned and gives off a really bad smell. But i want to think this is my fault for not spraying enough on my hair, not the product's.


The only thing i really like about this product is that it gives you a perfect amount of shimmer. This was nice since other lip products that i have tried that promised shimmer either overdid it or the shimmer wasnt visible. I dont like that it doesnt help heal or moistrize chapped lips, and i also dont like most of the shades.


Simply the best makeup remover. Very soft & gentle, but it does an excellent job removing foundation, powder, etc. I also love the smell of these for some reason, they don't reek of harsh chemicals like makeup remover usually does. I would only recommend these for the face, however. It's hard to scrub off eyeliner and mascara with a towelette, i think.


This product makes the dark circles underneath my eyes vanish. It also does a great job on covering small creases underneath the eye as well. This deserves more hype, it's my favorite under eye concealer.

pretty good, but not perfect

I bought this expecting it to be the holy grail of eyeshadow primers - the hype had gotten to me. The Good: long lasting, doesnt crease, makes colors look 10x better The Bad: oily, spotty coverage I just really didnt like the fact that i couldnt see where the primer was on my lid since its very light to the point of being invisible.


This is my eyeshadow bible. All the colors are gorgeous. The eyeshadow has great pigment and is very high quality. Looks good on a range of skin tones. Great for day & night looks. A must have for everyone - great for starters in makeup and experts alike!