Beauty Product Reviews

This is my HG when it comes to highlighters/illuminators!! It's a soft creamy consistency that's easily blendable. You can wear it alone without makeup and it gives you a natural glow or you can mix it with your foundation. I like to wear it on top of my foundation on the areas of my face I want to bring out and highlight.

I got this having high hopes. Was disappointed as it gave me break outs and made my skin look very ashy. I wouldn't recommend it for tan skinned girls with yellow undertones. In my opinion it's not suited for oily skin either.

I've been using this as I've felt it's almost a dupe for Nars Casino bronzer. For the price it's pretty awesome. It's matte and I use it for light contouring. It's one of the only two bronzers that I think looks natural for contouring on naturally tanned skin. I love how there is no shimmer, it doesn't give you an orange or dirty look. The only thing is that it doesn't seem to last all day on oily skin.

I've found it hard to find a bronzer that's dark enough for bronzing and contouring as most have made me look washed out, too light or orange/red Oompa Loompa looking. Nars Casino has been my HG for bronzers. It's matte and natural enough for contouring and gives me 'bronzed' color without looking too over the top. In Australia it's hard to find and over priced so I've been using a dupe that's cost effective.

I got this as a present. The color is gorgeous but the speckles of glitter I'm not a huge fan of. It dried out my lips. I dab it lightly on my lips above a ton of lip balm.

Lip Junkie too

I know a lot of girls are not fans of the mint and tingly sensation that comes with this lipgloss. I do like the minty smell to it which I think smells refreshing. When I first got it I was more drawn to the packaging and wasn't aware it's lip plumping factor. I can't really tell any difference as I have full lips already and I didn't feel any tingling sensation either. It doesn't have a lot of shine as expected and didn't last that long on my lips either.

I have a ton of these NYX mega shine gloss in all different colors however, I find that I tend to use Beige more often than others. It has a pinkish hue so when you apply it on top of pink toned lipsticks it brings out the lip color more and is super flattering on any lips.

Lip Junkie

I usually like wearing nude tone colored lips so OCC lip tars accommodate for nudes and dramatic/bold looks. I have a collection of bold colors from them but my go-to is Kava Kava. It's a soft light peach nude color that compliments my skin tone. A little does go a long way but for those with full/thick lips it requires a bit more and the time to apply. I would say it doesn't have the quick application convenience as lipstick but the pigmentation is amazing!

One of my favorite MAC lipsticks. Slick on lipgloss on top and it can go with any smokey/dramatic eye look. It's stunning when you've got a tan on! I don't recommend it for pale skinned girls unless you've got a hint of tan as it can make you look washed out.