Levres Scintillantes Glossimer

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Maryanne O.
wonderful, bright color

I love Glossimers and treat myself to a new one each birthday. They feel wonderful, are very pigmented, and look great on. Not sticky and glide on smoothly. They are definitely more than other lip glosses but the glosses are worth the splurge.

Anna C.
Favorite gloss!!

This is the best lip gloss i have ever used. for almost $30 it should be! haha. I was one of the first to get their spring color Petit Peche and fell in love. Its not too bright, not too shimmery, and not the least bit sticky. Worth the money for sure!!

Christina G.
My favorite gloss of all time!

This is the best lipgloss on the planet. My mom has even become a devoted junkie! This gloss goes on smooth and shimmery, lasts for a long time compared to other glosses, and does not feel sticky or gloopy whatsoever. I keep buying new glosses but I always go back to this one. I usually wear bold eye makeup with a more sheer color on my lips, so this is perfect. My favorite shades are Constellation, Coral Love, and Mica.

Jackie H.
Hopelessly devoted

I love this product so much that I've been a devoted user for over 10 years. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! The only downside is they discontinued one of my favorite colors and I have been on the hunt for something close but never hits the mark!

Mercedes Y.

This is my number one gloss! I love the texture and the way it looks in the light. They are pricey and def a splurge but mine seem to last a long time. They feel so smooth and creamy and not sticky at all, yet they last for awhile on your lips

Kookie S.

The formula is thicker than usual but not sticky and stay longer on the lips compared to other glosses. I like that this has no flavor. It was more pigmented than I expected and the shimmer was a lovely accent unlike some brands that make you look like a disco ball. Love!

Nadia N.
Probably the best gloss

I love how pigmented and how this gloss glides on my lips. I love also it is not sticky but it lasts quite a bit. I have pink teaser which is a gorgeous pink which I think would look great on any skin tone because its not too bright and not too dark its right there.

Danielle M.

I absolutely love these glosses. They are SO not sticky at ALL...which is awesome and they last longer than any lipgloss that I've tried. They are moisturizing, no strong smell or taste and aren't overly shimmery. Giggle is a perfect nude, especially if you're in a hurry! They are silky and just lovely on the lips! I can't find anything that I don't love about these glosses.

Diana G.
Great sophisticated gloss!

Chanel glosses are, to me, the sophisticated version of MAC lipglass. The shine is much more subdued, shimmer is fine, consistency is non-sticky (SO IMPORTANT), and color range is well edited and refined. I LOVE that they aren't sticky but still not too runny. I also LOVE the packaging- makes me feel like I splurged on something fantastically fabulous every time I pull it out of my makeup bag.

The only con would be the doe foot applicator. I would much prefer a brush like in Dior's Dior Addict Ultra Gloss, but this problem is easily solved by using a separate lip brush for application.

Lydia C.

I have three of these. No.44,104,119. The have a lovely smooth, non sticky consistency and I love them. The pigmentation is great and these have a gorgeous shimmery, soft finish. Plus, they have an amazing array of colours! I really recommend them, as much as I love mac glosses, they do tend to get a bit sticky after a while, but these stay in perfect condition. Well worth the price, I also love the pretty, classic packaging :)