Nail Art Superstar: Madeline Poole

Madeline created this negative space nail wrap which was inspired by her friend Jen Brill, for a collaboration with NCLA.

If you are a true nail art groupie, you’re probably already familiar with the name Madeline Poole. This L.A. to New York transplant learned how to paint from her mother, a muralist, and ended up applying those skills to smaller canvases when she became a nail artist four years ago. Now a published author and a Global Ambassador for Sally Hansen, Madeline is living out her dreams as an in-demand manicurist repped by Bridge Artists (NYC) and Nailing Hollywood (L.A.). Glamour, Teen Vogue, Bazaar are just a few of the publications where you might have seen her editorial work. Her inspirations run the gamut from natural textures like stones and wood grains and insects to a bag of Cheetos.

Take a look at Madeline’s work below, and follow her instagram @mpnails.

The nails above were inspired by a superhero-themed print from Stella McCartney’s 2015 Resort Collection, which Madeline also keyed.

A print found on a dress by Bottega Veneta was the inspiration for this mani.

These globe-inspired nails are seen on Madeline’s good friend, Eugene Kotlyerenko.