White Hot Summer Nails


A stark contrast to glowing skin, white nails are a beautiful way to bring out a tan in summer. Make sure you buy a polish that is thick enough to completely cover your nail. A translucent hue just won't look that good. 

Bright yellow is a great color to match with your white manicure—try it on your toes!. The sunny shade spells long, hot summer days and just begs you to show off your feet in strappy sandals. 

A white dress may not seem like the best choice when your nails are the same color, but matching your nail polish to your outfit is big this season. Plus, there's just something about white on white...

Pretty pastels are also beautiful with white polish. Add a light lilac to your toes or wear a big colorful, chunky ring to show off your clean white manicure. 

Photo courtesy of IntoTheGloss