5 Reasons Everyone Should Own A Vanity


When it came to primping, I was always a bathroom counter gal. There was always a stray mascara in the medicine cabinet, little piles of yesterday’s lipsticks around the sink, and my makeup bag stashed behind the blowdryer and the bottle of Windex. Sound familiar?

Many of us don’t know the luxury of having a makeup station—a well-lit destination where we can keep all our beauty needs, along with storage space for the products we’re not using at the moment. Think it sounds too good to be true? Think again!

Here are 5 things I learned from setting up my own vanity.

You don’t need a lot of space.

Who says you can’t have a dream vanity just because you don’t have a dream home? Throw the idea of a traditional vanity (hello heavy vintage dresser and stand up mirror) out the window and work with the space you have. Does that mean a wall mounted mirror? Shelves? A bedroom setup, or something inoffensive in the living room? The right vanity is visually appealing so don’t be afraid to plant one in plain view (mine sits across from our couch by the window).

You can DIY a vanity on the cheap.

Get creative with the space you have to work with. A basic vanity needs a surface, storage cubbies, and a good size mirror with adequate lighting around it. The rest is up to you! Why not repurpose an old desk with a new paint job and stuff the drawers with organizers for your makeup stash? Even a small table could make a pretty vanity with drawer-pull bins hidden underneath a decorative table skirt with a mounted mirror hovering above.

You’ll use the products you forgot you had.

Once you’ve got a solid destination for all your beauty items, you’ll find yourself digging into palettes you barely touch and hair products you never used before. Nothing jumpstarts adventurous new looks like having ALL your beauty products at hand in one place. If hoarding isn’t your thing, keeping an organized makeup station will prompt you to purge items you don’t need much quicker to ensure you have space for all the products you love to use.

Pretty packaging can finally serve it’s purpose.

Admit it, we are all suckers for a cute package. But why invest in a printed palette or a fancifully bottled perfume when it’s just gonna get all dirty, trapped in a bag of items that have lost their caps? A vanity surface was made to display your favorite cosmetics and bottled products. Now your new set of pink Sugarpill makeup brushes won’t go to waste hidden away. Pro tip: Add a few favorite jewelry pieces to the display for a touch of vintage vanity glamour.

You’ll take more time with no regrets.

Having a dedicated workstation will remind you that beauty is something you take seriously. With the amount we invest in new products and in-between cosmetic treatments, why shouldn’t we take a little extra time on ourselves each day? Think of your vanity as a celebration of you, and think of your makeup and hair routine as a daily ritual of self-appreciation.