Make Your Makeup Sparkle


Feeling glam enough to sport some sparkle? Whatever the special occasion (girls' night out at the club or prom), adding glitter eye shadow to your makeup gives a dazzling finish. Here's how to ensure your shimmer stays put.

PLAY WITH PLACEMENT. "It's really easy to go over the top with glitter, so experiment with how much and where you put on product," says NYC makeup artist Tina Turnbow, "If you want to balance out a glittery prom dress but still have fun with your eye makeup, keep shimmer to the center of the lid or inner corner of the eye." We're not the biggest fan of glittery lips for a prom look, but if you love the effect, stick with rosy pinks or ruby reds and apply in the center bottom of the lip.

EXPERIMENT WITH TECHNIQUE. Glitter is known for fallout, but who wants sparkling cheeks à la Twilight? "There are many ways to keep glitter sticking onto the surface of your skin," says Tina. "Lash glue gives something for the glitter to adhere to, and it's perfectly eye safe since you already use it for false lashes." For a quick stick, dab a bit of tacky lip gloss onto the center of the lid or the inner corner of the eye before patting on glitter with fingers. For bedazzled lashes, use clear mascara and stick glitter onto the lash tips.

CHOOSE COLOR WISELY. Just like any eye shadow, it's important to find a color that complements your coloring and your outfit. "If you choose glittery and sparkle shades with matching undertones, it looks more organic on your skin," says Tina. Cool skin tones tend to favor silvers, mauve pink, and navy glitters, while warm undertones like yellow, bronze, and white gold glitter. "Taupe, platinum, or opal glitter are the greatest colors if you're stumped on what shade to choose," Tina says. "The mix of warm and cool is universally flattering."

EXPERIMENT WITH TEXTURE. It's easy to go overboard with a chunky, textured glitter. so play with different finishes. "Metallic textures tend to have a creamier finish and adhere better to the lid. They still give the same eye-catching effect in a smoother finish," says Tina.

USE THE CORRECT BRUSHES. If you're not using your fingers, you should stick to flat synthetic brushes for application. Taklon brushes made for concealer are the best and most affordable choice because they apply a concentrated amount of glitter with precision. Conversely, use a fluffy eye shadow brush like a MAC 224 for a sheer wash of sparkle on the lids, brow bone, and tops of cheekbones.

CLEAN UP STRAY SHIMMER. What's the best way to clean up glitter (whether there's fallout on your cheeks or at the end of the night)? Scotch Magic tape. Gently press the tape on skin and when you peel it off, glitter will stick to it (and not your face). You must use the Magic type because it peels off more easily than typical tapes. Of course, if you're dealing with the delicate eye area, make sure to do as much clean up with an eye makeup remover first, then fine tune with the Scotch tape, being extra careful to avoid the lashes.

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