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Pretty Prom Makeup Tutorials


Prom is coming up for some of you and we want to help you find the perfect makeup look on your special night. Unfortunately, I didn't know much about makeup when I was in high school and had my date's sister give me a makeover. I honestly have to say, I looked quite awful--and barely recognizable as myself (not good for prom pics). The foundation was way too light for me, my eye makeup was too bright, and my hair was outdated. I do hope you have better luck than I did!

If you're not sure what kind of makeup goes with your type of dress, check out Choose The Right Makeup For Your Prom Dress. Get inspired with our top three picks of makeup tutorials that will help you look your prettiest at your prom.

VIDEO Prom Silver Smokey Eyes by Kandice X.

If you want a bold, dramatic look for your prom, Kandice shows you how to achieve a gorgeous silver smoky eyes--very sexy!

VIDEO Sunset Prom Eyes by May May K.

Here is a soft and warm makeup tutorial by MayMay, using orange and reds for an elegant look.

VIDEO Neutral Prom Makeup With Drugstore Products by Ashley B.

Ashely demonstrates how to create a neutral prom look using all drugstore products.

Now that your makeup looks picture perfect why not find the prom hairstyle that looks best too!