Stick ‘Em Up: DIY Magnetic Makeup Organizer


Magnetized makeup boards (not to mention magnetic palettes like Z•palette!) are a dream solution for those of us who want to streamline and simplify our routines. Unlike an overstuffed makeup bag, a magnet board allows you to keep your favorite and most-used products easily reachable and organized. And you can make one yourself! We loved the idea so much we decided to give it a whirl. We found the perfect frame at a second-hand shop, and our local hardware store was happy to cut us a piece of sheet metal to fit perfectly inside. The fun part was customizing the piece with fabric to coordinate with our living space!

While we could never fit all of our makeup onto one board, it still made our morning routine fast by putting our best-loved products right within reach. We recommend whipping one up for yourself on a rainy afternoon.

You will need

hanging frame with a snap-in back (no glass)
sheet of metal cut to the measurements of the frame (any hardware store can do this)
Mod Podge or a similar brush-on glue
decorative paper or thin fabric
heavy-duty magnetic dots


1: Brush Mod Podge over the surface of the sheet metal.

2: Carefully lay your decorative fabric or paper over the wet glue and smooth the material across the surface, making sure there are no bumps or air bubbles. Fold the excess fabric or paper around to the back of the metal sheet and allow to dry.

3:  Press the covered metal sheet into your frame and snap the frame’s back into place.

4: Stick magnets to the board and attach each of your favorite cosmetics. Arrange them on your new makeup board! (For makeup in plastic pots, you can get adhesive metal plates from our Z•Palette shop).

5: Hang it up in your bedroom or bathroom for a decorative main makeup attraction!