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Traveling is always fun, whether you're heading a few miles away or jet setting over the Mediterranean (a girl can dream, right?). The only tough thing is deciding what to pack, for both your wardrobe and your makeup bag. We also understand how damaging hours spent on a plane can be and what different temperatures and climates can do to your skin! Here are three items to make traveling even easier. 

Aubrey Organics Herbessence Eye Makeup Remover

No one wants to lug their entire bottle of eye makeup remover on holiday with them, which makes this mini size perfect for slipping into your travel bag (you can also use it to remove face makeup too). The natural ingredients feel so soothing on your eyes after a long flight.

2 Jurlique Chamomile  Soothing Mist

Keeping your skin hydrated on a plane is very important, as the cabin air conditioning severely dries everything out. This facial mist ensures that your skin receives the moisture you need and the chamomile helps to keep you calm and relaxed, it can even help you go to sleep! Give your hair a spritz too to help combat static.

3 Solano 3300 XtraLite Dryer

A mini version of your favorite hair dryer is so easy to pack in your bag, and ensures that your locks stay looking beautiful the whole time you're away. However, if you're going somewhere hot and humid, don't bother with the blow dryer. Pack extra hair accessories and pins instead to create fun updos that will keep your neck cool.

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