3 Ways To Dress Up Your Lids

For the holidays, we're revisiting some of our favorite festive articles from the Beautylish archive. Enjoy!
From the Archive

Move over, eye shadow! From crystals to velvet stamps, check out three awesomely unique ways to create stunning statement eyes.

Gems, pearls, and even Swarovski crystals! Adding a little bling to your lids has more dazzle than shimmering eye shadow or bold metallic liner ever could. Try rimming your lash lines with crystals or just place one crystal in the inner corner.

Sometimes layering a bit of texture on your eyes can create a multidimensional effect. Dior Backstage Eye Liner Patches have a soft velvet texture, not to mention they come in a variety of interesting shapes.

A quick visit to your local arts and crafts store can result in a slew of fun and creative appliqués. If you have patience—and a steady hand with an X-Acto knife—you can design your own seasonal shapes (e.g., mini snowflakes, leaves, or flowers). 

This article was originally published on November 16, 2011

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