Bored With Your Lip Routine? Add These Crayons


Any Anna Sui fan knows that part of the fun in collecting Anna’s makeup is for how pretty the products look. This spring, three new limited-edition Lip Crayons ($23 each) get the signature antique-style, black enamel packaging with a twist—a pink rose design at the base of the tube.

But what we really like is that the crayons function as lip liners, lipsticks, or both. The pencil shape paired with the twist-up design lets you easily line lips with a steady hand, and rosa canna fruit oil (the same ingredient that adds Anna’s quintessential rose scent) creates a smooth texture similar to a lip pencil, and ideal for filling in lips. The finish is semi-matte, but because the shades are natural looking—above, from left to right: coral pink, a muted down orange; peach beige, nude with a hint of peach; and rose pink, dusty magenta—you’ll need to apply a few coats for them to really pop.

One note: it’s hard to tell how much sparkle is actually in the crayons until you put them on. We love all three for a simple, everyday look, but if you’re not into sparkle or are looking for a higher color pay-off, we suggest sticking to the original Anna Sui Lip Crayons.

Shop Anna Sui here and snap up the limited-edition Lip Crayons while you have the chance!

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