5 Minutes to a Natural, Flawless Face


5 minute natural makeup

For us, no-makeup makeup products are as essential as red lipstick and mascara—we can never have too many! One of our favorite go-tos for beautiful, naturally-looking color is rms beauty, an all-organic line designed to work with your skin's natural chemistry. Follow this tutorial for a barely-there look that's ideal for those days where you want a little polish, but don't feel like getting all dolled up. 

1: Start by prepping the face with the Beauty Oil. Just a drop or two of this completely natural oil balances the skin, priming pores for a flawless makeup application. 

2: Using your finger or a brush, apply "Un" Cover-Up only where you need it—to the under eye area to hide dark circles, around the nose to conceal redness, and so on. Dab with your finger to blend. 

RMS Un Cover-Up3: Using your finger and the Living Luminizer, add a pop of highlight to the orbital bone (around the eye) and to the cupid's bow, just above the lip.

RMS Living Luminizer4: Set it all with a little bit of "Un" Powder. You only need a light dusting anywhere you want to reduce shine, like around the nose, under the eyes, and on the forehead. There's no need to powder the whole face! Use the included puff or a fluffy, soft brush.

RMS Un Powder5: Next, using your finger or a brush, apply a Cream Eye Shadow to the lid. We love Seduce, an earthy, luminous deep brown. Tap or brush until the edge of color blends into the skin. Because the formula is made from all-natural, food-grade ingredients, it might crease a bit over the course of the day. If this happens, just tap it lightly with your finger, and it'll instantly blend and even out.

RMS Cream Eye Shadow

6: Do you lips and cheeks with Lip2Cheek; we used Smile a sheer, punchy coral. Dab a little on to the cheekbone, tapping the pigment into place and then smoothing out to blend the edges with your finger. Then, using a lip brush or your fingers, do a coat or two on your lips.

RMS LIP2CHEEKThat's it! The whole routine can be done in about five minutes. Try it the next time you're running late in the morning. All products are from rms beauty; you can sub any cream blushes, concealers, and shadows you like, too.

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