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4 New Nail Polishes You Don’t Want to Miss


We take nails really seriously around here, always hunting for the newest it shades and long-lasting polishes. Somehow, we always end up circling back to Cult Nails for its always-growing, extensive range of colors and solid formula. We’re never disappointed with what Cult brings, and 2014 will bring a lot of exciting stuff for the Florida-based brand. Namely, more nail polish! This year, Cult will step things up by launching a fresh collection every month—three to four new polishes in limited quantities. That means: once they sell out, they’re gone for good.

Passionate Dreams—a four-piece range inspired by fiery romance—is the first up, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Our favorite of the bunch has to be “Kiss”, the cherry red we’ve been searching for that dries to a wax-like finish. What’s not to love? Still, we’re digging all four; here’s the shade by shade breakdown.

Angel Whispers

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Love sparkle? This stuff is no joke. The consistency is thick and the glitz-factor is high in this beautiful pale pink glitter. That said, it leaves behind a rough, sandpapery texture on the nails. If you don’t feel like dealing with removing a full glitter mani, we like the idea of using this shade on an accent nail or two, along with a coordinating sheer pink like Enticing.


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After looking at Lethal in the bottle, we thought the silver would go on slightly sheer, but we were totally wrong. It goes on smooth and, despite the sparkles in the formula, doesn’t feel textured like Angel Whispers. It’s much less sparkly, too—it has more of a gleamy tin foil finish when the light hits it right. It makes for an awesome futuristic take on a winter mani!


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If you like the look of a dark polish but find full-on black or midnight blue opaques too severe, Ignite is for you. A bit of a silver sparkle mixed in tones down the harshness of the black base. The first coat goes on more sheer than we’d anticipated, so one coat would be perfect for easing into a dark mani; you can apply as many layers as you want to build up the opaqueness for a really dark finish. We suggest doing at least three coats to get the black super dark.


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You can never own too many reds and this one is probably one of the best cherry hues we’ve come across. It’s super creamy and goes on smooth—and opaque enough that you could get away with a single coat (but we still prefer two). And it has a fun twist, too, in that it dries with a wax-like finish; all in all, the perfect modern twist on an old classic.

Shop Cult Nails here and snap up the Passionate Dreams shades while you have the chance! Polishes are $12 apiece.

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