A Super-Glam Hairstyle Made Easy!


Want to try out a new look for a special event or night out? You’re in luck! Los Angeles hair stylist Derek Williams recently showed us how to do a classic waves with a modern and sleek slicked-back part. Get ready to impress at your upcoming soirée!

Supplies list

• SACHAJUAN Styling Cream | shop it
• rattail comb
• blow dryer
• curling iron (we used a 1.25-inch barrel)
• hair clips

1: Start with damp hair and apply a dime-sized amount of Sachajuan Styling Cream, focusing on the ends and working up towards the middle. “It provides a great foundation for an overall smooth finish without weighing the hair down,” says Williams. Twist your locks between your hands to wring out any excess water. 

2: Start by blowing out your hair. Use a large boar-bristle brush to help create fullness.

3: Once locks are completely dry, part your hair down the center using a rattail comb. 

4: Grab a section at the top of the head in the front and clip it up, leaving the section underneath hanging down, and the rest behind your shoulders in back. Take a piece from the front bottom section of hair and wrap it around the curling iron; let it sit for a few seconds, and release. “Working in larger pieces is easier and quicker,” explains Williams—so for this look, you don’t need to do any teeny-tiny curls. After you finish the bottom, let the clipped section of hair down and follow the same technique. Then repeat on the other side of the head (bottom section first, followed by the top, until all hair is waved).

5: Let the curled hair hang in front of your shoulders to keep it out of the way. Next, clip the top, back section of your hair up. Divide the hair remaining underneath into two parts. Bring one side in front of your shoulder, and wrap it around the barrel of the curling iron; let it sit for a few seconds, and release. Repeat on the other side. Then unclip the top, back section and repeat one more time, until all hair has been waved.

6: Brush curls out using a mixed-bristle brush for a polished finish. (Our brush was a combo of nylon and boar-hair.) 

7: Smooth down the top and tuck your hair behind your ears, as pictured. 

8: Rub a drop or two of the Styling Cream onto your roots to help tame flyaways, add a bit of shine, and give the look an overall sleek finish.

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