A Quick New Way to Big Hair


I have flat, fine, boring hair. I’ve come to terms with it; we’re okay now. But sometimes I really wish I could get that sexy, messy “Texas prom night” hair that looks so great on the red carpet. I was peripherally aware of the benefits of backcombing, but had never quite mastered the technique, and it always seemed sort of damaging for my locks. Watching the myriad “how to tease” YouTube videos, I would inwardly cringe while holding my fine-tooth comb, raking through my listless hair.

So when I heard about Oscar Blandi’s Dry Teasing Dust (part of his Pronto collection—love the dry shampoo), I was intrigued.

“Teasing hair scrapes the edge of the cuticle in the opposite direction and can be very damaging over time. Now, just sprinkle some of my magic dust for an instant big hair effect in half the time with no stress on the hair strand,” says Oscar in the accompanying press material. (I’ve decided we’re on a first-name basis now).

Protecting and texturizing? Sounds good to me! I used the pointy handle of my fine-tooth comb to separate my hair, making clean parts, and I sprinkled the Teasing Dust on to my roots, massaging it in.

I could feel the Tapioca Starch thickening the strands, while Xanthan gum gave it a sort of rubbery finish. Silica keeps it matte. Then, I carefully separated my strands and backcombed into the roots. You can use a natural-bristled brush for even gentler teasing.

The finished product: a great, voluminous ‘do that could put Beyonce’s Super Bowl look to shame!

The Teasing Dust isn’t for everyday use—I wasn’t crazy about how my roots felt to the touch the next morning—but for a big night out or a photoshoot, this is just the ticket to volumize your tresses while still protecting the hair shaft.

P.S. The next time you wash your hair after using this product, be sure to shampoo thoroughly (I use Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue Formula once a week to remove all of my haircare product buildup).