Try This Five-Minute Beach-to-Party Summer Updo Now!


Celebrity stylist Creighton Bowman showed us a great way to take post-beach hair and turn it into a fun, summer updo. It may look like a lot of steps, but when you get it down, you'll be ready to go from beach to party in less than five minutes.

You Will Need


Mousse or a volume-boosting product

Shine spray or leave-in conditioner

Dry Shampoo

bobby pins, clips, and a comb


1: You’ll want to begin with some texture to get the best results. Bowman recommends combining a couple of products that will help give your locks a piece-y quality and sun protection at the same time. Here, he combined René Furterer VOLUMEA Volumizing Foam with René Furterer FIORAVANTI Detangling Spray to add shine. If your hair is really fine, don't use too much product. If it's thick or naturally curly, use a little more. Once you have all the product on, air dry or scrunch as you use a dryer—go with the lowest setting, or use a diffuser.

2: Start by creating a deep side part. It can be messy or neat.

3: Create a section in the back that runs from the crown to behind the ear. Then, clip the rest of the hair out of the way to the side.

4: Pull the back section into a high ponytail. Bring hair all the way through and pull to tighten.

5: Unclip the side section and create a loose, messy french braid. Work from the part toward the ear and continue all the way down to the end.

6: Using your fingers, push the braid on the top of the head up and pin into place. This will loosen it up and give it some volume.

7: Pin the middle of the braid to the head. Then use dry shampoo on the ponytail to give it texture, and backcomb entire the ponytail.

8: Wrap ponytail around the base, tuck ends under the bun and pin into place.

9: Wrap braid around base of bun and pin.

10: Finish with a light hairspray and shape the bun with your fingers until it looks good!

What do you do with salty, windswept beach hair? Show us our best messy buns and braid ideas below!