Beauty Riot! Makeup or … Ski Mask?


Raise your hand if watching the Pussy Riot scandal unfold last year had you wondering how badass you might look in a neon pink or yellow face-hat. Covering their heads was Pussy Riot’s way of making a feminist statement and remaining anonymous, but the group inadvertently launched a revolutionary appreciation for the beauty of the balaclava.

Now raise your hand again if, after seeing Spring Breakers, you went out and bought a ski mask of your very own? Okay, maybe you chickened out last-minute, but you totally told your companion you were going to go browse sale shoes at REI, and instead took an extended detour down the ski aisle to stroke the face coverings inquisitively. Admit it (wasn't that was one of the most haunting and bizarrely memorable scenes in film this year?).

We’ve shown you countless ways to put your best face forward come cold weather season, but what about covering up completely? Honestly, who needs concealer when you can just pull on a mask? A balaclava for every day of the week will save a bundle products and time—think of how quickly your morning routine will go by. After all, wool knit is the ultimate cover-up. But in all seriousness, if you think I’m being ridiculous, just search “balaclava” on Etsy; these things are hot! And you can even buy a “beard” version. (Hey Etsy, can I get one that makes my lips fuller and my lashes longer too?)

In other not-surprising-to-us-at-all news, China has already taken the trend one step further and birthed the Facekini. Made from spandex as opposed to wool or acrylic knit, these stretchable masks fit over the head and neck, and are designed to keep the sun off the face. So where fair skin is in fashion, beach beauty is now less about wavy hair, SPF, and bronzer, and more about a full-on neon face. An entire beach of accidental Pussy Riot supporters—not such a bad thing.

So what’s it gonna be? Are you suiting up to put your best knit face during the colder months? Or are you saving this beauty secret for the ski lifts (or a Chinese beach getaway)?. One thing’s for certain, this is definitely the warmest beauty option we’ve ever seen. A full-coverage pullover just might have been the ultimate winter “beauty“ statement of 2013.