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Three Minutes, Three Exercises: Bosu Ball Routine Part 2


If you tried any of the moves from last week's story, then you probably understand why I love the Bosu ball so much. This week's workout has three new moves—a perfect addition to any core routine. The instability of the ball really fires up that core, but still gives you support for the back.

Ideally, you run through this at least two or three times. Try breaking up 30 minutes of cardio by doing these three moves at each 10-minute mark!  

With the flat surface of the Bosu facing up, hold the sides of it and come into a plank position. The center of your chest should be directly over the center of the Bosu. Keep your legs strong and core engaged. Begin by bending just your right elbow, tilting the right side of the Bosu up to the sky and pushing the left side to the floor. Tap the floor. Hold for five seconds. Breathe deeply. Now return back to plank in the center. Now lift the left elbow up to the sky and push the right side of the Bosu to the floor. Hold for five seconds. Go slowly and try to not let your hips move. Keeping your lower body still will work your core more intensely. But don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that your arms will be feeling this one, too!

Do this for one full minute.

1: Now flip the Bosu over so that the ball side faces up. Lie onto your back on the Bosu—sit at the front, so that when you lie back, your shoulder blades are off the Bosu. You should feel your mid back (right below your shoulder blades) at the top and center of the Bosu. Bend your knees with your feet firmly planted and your hands behind your head.

2: Extend your right leg forward and straight, keeping it off the floor.

3: On an EXHALE, pull the right knee into your body as you twist the torso and shoulders toward that knee.

4: INHALE and return back to starting position as you extend the leg straight and untwist.

5: Repeat this for 30 seconds, then switch legs and do it on the other side for an additional 30 seconds. No breaks!

1: Stay lying on your back with knees bent, heels firmly planted on the floor. But this time lean back onto the Bosu as you extend the right leg forward and flex the foot.

2: On an EXHALE, lift the right leg straight up towards the sky as though you're kicking a soccer ball. As you do this, bring the upper body up and contract the abs. Lift your leg and upper body as high as you can.

3: On an INHALE, return back to starting position, bringing the leg and upper back down toward the floor. Keep your elbows wide and core engaged the whole time.

4: Do this for 30 seconds on each leg.

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