Rock This Look: The Gothic Glam of Tying Tiffany


Since she was a little girl, music and travel have been intertwined for Tying Tiffany. “My love for music comes from singing along with my dad during car trips,” recalls the electro-wave artist, who skillfully mixes Crystal Castles’ Italo-disco and pop nuances with The Knife’s artsy shtick. The 35-year-old stunner was born in Padua, Italy but admits, “I don’t like to stay in the same place for a long time, so I usually find myself traveling around Europe.” The nomadic lifestyle doesn’t leave much time or space for primping—and that’s just the way the former Suicide Girl likes it. “I live day by day, and I don’t like to spend too much time caring about my look.” But the little effort she does put in, pays off every time.

The artist has toured with Iggy Pop, appeared at SXSW, contributed to the Hunger Games film score under her side project T.T.L. (Through the Lens) with producer Lorenzo Montana, and is now in the studio at work on her latest album. A former art student-slash-actress-slash model—Tiffany has had many lives already, and plans to “rewrite” herself once more for the newest recording. The plan? Transform into an enigmatic green-haired beauty.

“To express myself, I’ve always liked to play with my look,” notes the singer, who despite the love of change has always had one constant in her closet and makeup drawer: every shade of black. Here’s how she puts together her look—a blend of the dark aesthetic of filmmaker Michael Antonioni and a CBGB punk vibe.

Rock the Hair…

Tiffany’s about to go green, but first, she needs to give her locks some TLC. “If my hair could scream, it would make a lot of noise because of all of the damage I’ve done to it. Its been mistreated for years with all of the bleach and dye I’ve used,” she says. Before she reaches for the emerald dye (her recommendation: La Riché Directions Hair Dye in Alpine), she’ll be using these other picks to help repair her hair.

Lush Rehab shampoo (“It quickly brings my hair back to life and the smell is very fresh!”)
Lush The Jungle conditioner
La Riché Directions Hair Dye in Alpine

Rock the Makeup …

“I’m obsessed with knowing the cosmetic ingredients in the makeup that I use because of my allergies, sensitivities, and naturally dry skin,” also noting that whenever she can, she opts to buy cruelty-free products. Here are some of her favorites.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in Fair (“I was pleasantly surprised that something so inexpensive could have such flawless results.”)
Neve Cosmetics Eye Shadows in Camaleonte and Occhi di Gatto (“Can be applied dry or wet for the most intense color and sheen, and also makes a great eyeliner.”)

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