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Applying bronzer and blush can be tricky for even the most seasoned professional. Which shade to use, where to start applying it, and how much to tap off are all things to consider. A bronzer that's too dark can make you look like an Oompa Loompa. And blush gone wrong is akin to a painted dolls face. We know it can be tough, so we spoke to New York City-based makeup artist Susie Sobol about her tips to applying the perfect bronzer and blush.

  • "If you have dry skin, skip the powders and use a cream. I like the Josie Maran cream blushes made with argan oil and other lush essentials to hydrate your skin and give you that dewy glow."

  • "I like to use my fingers to blend out a cream or liquid blush, but sometimes a short stocky blush brush is the way to go for the ultimate blended look, especially if you're not a fingers person. I love to use highlighters as well, but you just need to remember to apply in natural light and blur the edges with the flat part of the brush."

  • "For bronzer, do the old suck your cheeks in and apply right under the cheekbone for a very modern, high fashion approach for evening." (This contouring trick might be a little too runway for day). "The best brushes for this technique are either a soft slanted blush brush or a fan brush. These feather-like applicators make the end result super subtle and flawless."

  • "For fair skin with a pink undertone, choose pink blush with a bit of a blue and plum undertone. Something light and sheer is always better than a matte for someone who's very pale. Look for key words such as 'finely milled,' 'crushed talc,' or 'tint.' If you have a warmer skin tone, a peach blush with gold running through it looks the most flattering. For darker skin tones, I have always relied on MAC Blush in Raizin—it imparts a soft, brick-brown tone.

  • "Try to avoid a bronzer with too much frost, which can look streaky or dirty by day's end. And always make sure you try a bronzer on in a store with good, natural light. A big soft brush or a fan brush won't deposit too much color."

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