Cooling Beauty Products for Summer


Trying to find a way to stay cool in summer can be hard enough, so the last thing you need is makeup that makes you feel hot and ends up sliding down your face. Besides, who wants to cover themselves in foundation on a hot day? We found three products will not only keep you looking gorgeous when the temperature soars but will actually help you to feel cooler.

MAC Magically Cool Shine-Reducing Liquid Powder

This powder (which not only helps to combat oily skin) contains more than 50 percent water to help hydrate your skin and produces a tingly feeling when applied to your face!

Lather Lavender and Eucalyptus Foot Creme

The eucalyptus in this soothing moisturizer instantly cools down your feet, while the lavender helps to heal and soothe the puffiness and swelling that walking in the heat can cause. Goodies like seaweed extract and vitamins A, C and E also moisturize and increase circulation.

Alba Green Tea Eye Gel

Green tea and organic aloe vera provide an immediate cooling sensation to the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, which feels delicious on hot summer mornings. Keep this gel in the fridge for an extra-invigorating wake up call.

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