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Watch Now: Billy B on His Just-Relaunched Brush Line and His Secrets to Success in the Makeup Industry


Having gone from humble beginnings to one of the most sought-after names in the beauty industry today, Billy B is a true inspiration. The self-taught makeup artist decided to launch his own collection of brushes a couple of years ago after feeling frustrated by those available on the market, which he usually found too large, bulky, and impractical. When Billy’s Paint Brushes hit our shop in 2012 they sold out almost instantly, and with good reason. He designed them with the working artist in mind: they’re lightweight, practical, and portable, with short, easy-to-use handles roughly the length of a standard No. 2 pencil (“because that’s what we all grew up using in school!” says Billy). And because it was such a runaway success the first go-around—and after so many of you begged us for the chance to get your hands on Billy’s brushes—the line is officially back in stock, exclusively on Beautylish.

We couldn’t be more excited about this, and for Billy, a long-time member of the Beautylish family. To celebrate, he stopped by our studio to say hi, talk more about his beloved collection, and share a healthy dose of honest, inspiring career advice in true Billy form. Don’t miss the story starting at 1:00, in which he describes how the doubtful remarks of a former agent pushed him even harder to succeed.