Photography Tips for a Beautiful Shot


image courtesy of pinterest

That stunning makeup photograph you love was shot with attributes that make you enjoy it so much. In order for your work to be appreciated and seen in that same light, be sure to follow these tips for creating beautiful content. Keep reading to learn some simple tricks.

Light Placement

Lighting is very important for multiple reasons. For one, it sets the tone of the entire image and illuminates your subject so it can be seen. Make sure your model is properly lit so we can see that creative cut-crease eye look. We suggest photographing in natural light for the best results. 


What you include in the frame can make or break a photo. Playing with where your subject is in the frame and what you want the viewer to see will make a photo more interesting. Keep the “rule of thirds” in mind. Sectioning a photo into three parts and playing with those fields to include what you want will make a picture compositionally more fun.


Having a subject either in the foreground or background and playing with the focus can also  add interest. It creates contrast and lets the viewer know what they should be looking at first.


Most photographs are taken at eye level, but shooting from a different perspective can give an image more style. Set aside time to play with angles to see what looks visually appealing.


Using props will enhance the overall look you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are showing off the latest Halloween look you created, put some decor in the frame.

Balance Color

Complementary colors enhance a photo and make the viewer’s eyes move around the image. By having the right color combination and a balanced arrangement of attributes, your photo will be more pleasing to the eye.


The environment that you shoot in can take your photo from a bathroom snapshot to a beautiful photograph. Choose the right place to take pictures, whether it’s a unique space or a backdrop that creates a neutral look.