Inspiration for Video Content Creation


image courtesy of pinterest

There are many types of beauty videos online to choose from whenever you’re in the mood to watch one. Whether it’s hauls, tutorials, or reviews, each have a subject that keeps you wanting to watch more. Before you turn on a camera, think about the kind of videos you like to watch. Why do you like to watch them? Take those reasons into account when planning on recording. These easy steps will help you create an amazing video.


1. Take a fresh approach and find inspiration from unlikely places.

Keep your eyes open all the time for things that inspire you. Whether it’s a leaf from a tree or the latest fashion on the runway, try to find a way to put a new spin on it and translate it to your video.

2. Take the best characteristics from other videos you enjoy watching and make them your own.

The reason you enjoy watching a certain video is probably the same reason others do too. Try to incorporate aspects of these videos into your recording but add your own style.

3. Keep up to date on the latest trends.

If you see a new hairstyle on a celebrity at MTV’s Video Music Awards or love a particular seasonal trend, use it for a video. The more current and on trend your content feels, the more interesting your video will be.

3. Get interactive with others to get feedback.

Look at beauty forums like Beautylish Talk for ideas. By finding out what videos other Beauties like to watch and what they really want to learn about, you'll increase the chances of yours being viewed. 

Beautylish Recommends: Keep a folder of inspirational images, websites, and people to keep your creative mind turning.