Audio Tips for Video Tutorials


When you watch a video, you're also listening to what's being presented. Little things with sound production can either make or break the success of your video. These tips will get you on your way to having an engaging video. 

Tips Audio for Video Tutorials

  1. Distractions. Don't have a radio or TV playing in the background. If the viewer can hear them, they'll pay attention to those sounds rather than what you're saying.

  2. Phone calls. Save talking on the phone for another time. No one wants to watch your conversation or hear your ringtone. Stop what you're doing, take care of your call, then restate what you were doing so you can edit out the phone disruption.

  3. Speaking. Consider your voice volume. If you're difficult to hear, the viewer will stop paying attention. If you're speaking too loudly, it will be distracting and quite frankly annoying. Enunciate your words while sounding comfortable, natural, and audible.

  4. Music. Background music can enhance a video, but only if it's tastefully done. Make sure the music isn't so loud that the viewer can't hear what you're saying, and try to make it flow throughout the duration of the tutorial. 

  5. Environmental Sounds. If you hear something like a dog barking, a siren, or a lawn mower, stop recording and wait for the noise to stop before you continue making your video. Distracting sounds will make your video look less polished.

Beautylish Tip: Do a test-run of your recording so you can hear what outside sounds are being picked up before you begin the tutorial. That way, you can make adjustments before you actually get to work.  

Image courtesy of pinterest