Hair Review: Goody Spin Pins


I love putting my hair up, but ever since I cut my hair into a blunt bob with bangs, it's hard to keep the short pieces in place whenever I try any sort of updo. But then I heard about Goody Spin Pins and their miracle powers. Each pin is shaped like a corkscrew with two open prongs and you literally wind them in to hold all of those little pieces of hair into place! Amazing!

I began with a half up do (as seen above) which is hard at the best of times. I normally need five bobby pins and semi-dirty hair so that the strands stay put (my hair is normally very silky, so everything slips out). I started by gathering the top half section of hair and pulling it back. I then twisted everything tightly, and pulled it the right hand side. By rolling my hair this way, it created almost of a side French roll. I then tucked the ends back down into the hair and rolled the entire shape into itself. I pushed all three of the mini Goody Spin Pins into the twist in different places. I didn't have to use one bobby pin, and the updo felt completely secure, even when I jumped around! I like a textured look, so this style was perfect for me.

The final verdict: Goody Spin Pins are great! It just takes a bit of practice to achieve the hairstyle you want, but once the pins are in place, your hair is secure.

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