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Celebrities' Hottest Hair Colors


How are celebrity hair colors changing since the ombré craze? With unique colors and eye-popping streaks! Before you hit the salon for a seasonal switch, check out the best—and brightest!—in Hollywood’s hair shades.


First she went tie-dye, then she opted for blue, now Lauren Conrad has tinted her ends peach! And she’s not the only star thinking pink: Sienna Miller, Katy Perry, and Dianna Agron all switched to a version of the feminine hue this past summer. To keep it subtle like Lauren’s, just add in a few streaks at the ends.


While ombré may be a bit last season, celebs are still lightening their tips. Ditching the graduating effect, Jennifer Hudson opted for a simple two-tone statement by brightening just the very ends of her hair to a lighter caramel shade.


Ciara gave her long, dark locks an update where it matters: in the front. The always-flattering face-framing blonde highlights brighten her complexion and give her waves more texture.