We Love This Understated Look by Billy B.


Directed by: Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton
Makeup: Billy B.
Manicure: Madeline Poole 
Hair: Charlie Taylor
Styling: Nina Sterghiou

When we found out that Billy B. was the genius behind country singer Maggie Sajak's makeup in her latest music video, we couldn't wait to get all of the details (plus a behind the scenes video!). Billy is known for doing extravagant looks for some of the music industry's biggest artists including Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. This time around, he created something much less dramatic—and that's what grabbed our attention. We wanted to know what made Billy go low-key for this shoot, and more about what natural makeup means to him. 

The makeup for the video is absolutely beautiful, and understated. What made you stick to a more simple look for this project?

Maggie is young, smart, talented—and obviously beautiful—so I wanted the focus to be on her. Sometimes I think the most extraordinary makeup is just clean and beautiful.


What inspirations were behind Maggie's look here?

I met Maggie on her first video, “First Kiss” and fell in love with her and her face. She sort of became my muse. Since then, Maggie and I have made a few tutorials, like this “Bardot Eyes”beauty clip, a cover for her single, and some other photos. For the “Wild Boy” video I wanted to showcase Maggie’s natural beauty. But, I think the word natural is complicated when it comes to makeup.

In general, do you prefer more natural-looking, understated looks like this, or using bolder colors to create something a little more out there?

As a makeup artist, I obviously love my makeup and pulling tricks out of the bag to prove myself as an artist. So, natural isn't the most exciting word to hear. But, to be honest, creating a natural look can be the most difficult. You need good products, but more importantly, it requires a good artist. I’m not known for my natural looks, but I have great admiration for those who have mastered the style. I've learned over the years that the greatest makeup artists are the ones that know when not to try so hard. With someone as gorgeous as Maggie, this was one of those times.