Splurge or Save: Hand Cream


It's the time of year when our hands need extra care and attention, and slathering on a hand cream is essential. Whether you want one for your handbag or to keep on your bedside table, is it worth spending a mint on a product that is sure to run out quickly? Beautylish's Tara takes the plunge and tries two different brands—Rodin's new luxurious Crema, a hand cream that contains the same essential oils as the brand’s face and body oil, and St. Ives Intensive Healing Hand Cream, a tried and trusted product that promises the end of chapped skin.


Rodin Olio Lusso Crema, $80 for 100mL


St. Ives Intensive Healing Hand Cream, $3.99 for 88mL


I've always been seduced by scent and packaging, and Rodin's new offering has both in spades. The luxurious cream comes in a simple white tube that’s big enough to last the long winter months, but it’s what lies within that tempts. The formula is thick and creamy, just how I like a hand cream, and contains the same beautiful essential oils as Rodin’s Olio Lusso Facial and Body Oils—both of which I am obsessed with. I slathered it on my hands and the other dry areas I also focus on, my elbows and knees. The divine smell of jasmine and neroli wafted up around me, and I was in heaven. The formula settled deep into my skin, and I didn't need to reapply for an hour or two. The scent also lasted the same amount of time, so it was like applying perfume! While it had the same effect as a thick, moisturizing hand cream, it was the knowledge of all those sumptuous oils going into my skin that made me feel happy.

Next up was St. Ives. This trusted brand is beloved for its hand creams and body washes, and I was looking forward to seeing my chapped skin disappear. I applied it after I'd removed my nail polish, which always leaves my hands feeling dry and my nails weak, and I was rewarded with beautifully moisturized nails and hands. The only drawback was that it left a little residue, so I felt a little sticky afterward. A few hours later and I needed to reapply as is the norm, but my hands did feel a lot less chapped. Although it’s fragrance-free, it smelled a little like freshly laundered towels but was nowhere near as divine as the Crema.

Verdict: If you are applying a lot of moisturizer and want something that's going to do the job, then stick with something cheaper, like St. Ives. If you like to splurge, then save up for something special, like the Crema—the smell alone will leave you swooning. But keep it for special occasions, when you feel like your hands really deserve a special treat.

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