Splurge or Save: Flatirons


When it comes to achieving sleek strands, the tools you use matter. Whether your hair is coarse, curly, or thin, applying heat can cause damage. So finding a flat iron that can safely straighten your tresses is essential to your hair’s health.

VERDICT Splurge!

We suggest splurging on a flatiron that has titanium plates, not ceramic ones. Most drugstore irons are made with ceramic plates coated in titanium, so make sure you read the box before buying. Over time ceramic can crack, peel, and chip, causing heat to be unevenly distributed, not to mention the uneven surface can snag your strands. Titanium plates last longer and control heat better, which ultimately protects your hair. Another bonus of titanium? Speed. Titanium blades transfer heat faster so you won’t have to run the iron over a section of hair more than once. This can be especially important for coarser hair. Purchasing a quality straightener can be pricey, but the one-time splurge should last you years.

We love Corioliss C2 Titanium Straightener ($210). The iron has rotating blades so strands won’t catch and you can create a curve at the ends. Bonus: Michelle Obama’s hairstylist Johnny Wright swears by the straightener and uses it to perfect the first lady’s flawless coif

Beauties, what's your favorite flatiron? Post your thoughts below!