Loathe or Love: Feather Eye Lashes


From Swarovski crystals to real mink fur, it seems as if false lashes have gone couture over the past decade. And now that feather hair extensions are officially a trend of the past, what do we do with our stockpile? Wear them on our eyes, of course!

While we adore the myriad textures and patterns, we also love the weightless feel of these types of lashes. Application is a breeze, and we never get that droopy effect most false lashes can have. Peacock is currently the hot feather of choice (thanks, Katy Perry!), but we’re a fan of every shape and color. We’re crazy about false lashes from Shu Uemura and Red Cherry, but this trend is also easy to DIY for Beauties who already wiped out the fishermen’s supply store. With just feathers, scissors, and lash glue, eyes can take flight! Feathered falsies are the perfect way to lift your eyes aflutter, but is the look too dramatic for you?

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