Hair Oils: Do They Really Work?


I've always had relatively good hair, but after I started straightening it every day about two years ago (I have a tapered bob) I noticed a lot more flyaways, split ends and a general lack of health and luster.  The fact that I hadn't used any heat protectant spray before firing up my GHD also didn't help!

After experimenting with a multitude of conditioning treatments and masks, I decided it was time to bring out the big guns. Hair oils are getting a lot of buzz right now with lots of brands introducing them to their lines. I decided to try two of the most culty and popular hair oil products: Moroccan Oil and Rodin Luxury Hair Oil.

First up was Moroccan Oil. After washing my hair, I wanted to try the oil as a treatment so applied it straight away to my wet strands. The silky oil did make a difference, but not the huge impact that I was expecting. Moroccan Oil worked beautifully as a heat protectant, but I did find it a little too sticky and oily on my scalp. 

A week later, I tried the Rodin Luxury Hair Oil. Smelling just as divine (like jasmine petals) as the original Olio Lusso for face, I applied the recommended amount—about a quarter size—all over my hair. I didn't notice a huge difference right away, but after about two applications (I wash my hair every second day), I did have far fewer flyaways!

Image courtesy of Inspiration Images

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