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Met Costume Institute Gala Hair: Isabel Lucas


Isabel Lucas looks like she channels Greek goddess Aphrodite in her cascading Louis Vuitton gown at the 2011 Costume Institue Gala Benefit. Hair stylist Marcus Francis creates a soft hair style to compliment the intricate head piece. “Isabel has a very natural touch in what she chooses to wear and how she wears her hair. The tangerine colored Louis Vuitton floor length dress was simple and beautiful, and the details came from her Lorraine Schwartz necklace turned head piece. We decided to go in the direction with a romantic meets Renaissance feel.” Keep reading to see how to recreate Isabel's look!


“Isabel started with clean, air dried hair with a middle part. I sprayed Phyto Volume Actif to the mid shaft and ends and rough dried into the hair. Using a 1 1/4" T3 ionic cuing iron, I wrapped irregular waves alternating directions from section to section, spraying Elnett to each section before wrapping on the iron. I brushed through the hair to eliminate all curl but leaving a natural bend. I took a small section on each side of Isabel's head near the temple and pulled it down and behind the hair pinning it underneath her hair. I pinned the head piece to her hair securing it firmly.  Isabel couldn't be sweeter to the people she works with, she gave both myself and makeup artist flowers to say thank you.