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Beauties, do you have a hard time growing your hair long? Damage from heat styling, chemical processing (hair color, relaxers, straighteners), and certain hair styles (tight braids or ponytails) can cause breakage. It may seem like your hair isn't growing, but in reality, your hair is breaking off, which prevents it from getting longer than a certain length.

So what can you do to help your hair grow longer and stronger? For a solution to the breakage issue, Carol's Daughter founder Lisa Price traveled to Polynesia, where the women are known for their beautiful, long long hair. "I’ve always loved flowers, and when I read about a sacred, ancient ritual using Tahitian Gardenias,I knew that I wanted to create a collection that would embody this ritual," says Lisa, whose favorite flower is the Gardenia.

"During the ritual, fifteen Tiare Gardenia flower buds are specially hand-picked by the village Momma, who soaks them in the first-press oil of Haaari Coconuts, which are grown in coral soil and harvested at a very mature stage, for a minimum of fifteens days," Lisa explains. "The resulting emollient, Monoi, is an ancient Tahitian word meaning 'scented oil.' It’s been used for literally thousands of years to help soften, smooth, and repair the hair and skin."

And how did this ancient elixir translate into a modern beauty product? "Knowing that only strong hair can grow into long hair, I worked closely with my R & D team to develop this collection," Lisa reveals. "The Monoi collection is clinically proven to help revive hair and repair damage caused by everything from heat styling to environmental aggressors and chemical treatments. The Monoi shampoo is completely sulfate-, paraben-, petroleum-, and mineral oil-free. When used with the Monoi conditioner, women have seen 92 percent less breakage after just one use!" The Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Care Collection launches today at Sephora and

carol's daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Care Collection

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