What's Your Shower Style?


What kind of clean do you love? Shower time is an essential part of our beauty routine, but what do our cleansing rituals say about our lifestyle? Whether you prefer a quick rinse or a lengthy steam, browse this list and and learn how to make the most of your time under the shower head.

Military Style

1 to 3 minutes

With so much already on your to-do list there's no time to waste, even in the bathroom! Your shower regimen is rapid and systematic. Since there's little time to spare, alternate shampooing and conditioning daily. And if you must occasionally skip the razor, slap on a hair minimizing deodorant instead—you'll cut the sweat and reduce your shave time in half.

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Bath Basics

5 to 10 minutes

With a little more time on your schedule, this is your chance to catch up on the beauty basics. And if you've only got ten minutes, focus on exfoliation and cleansing. Slather on a purifying mask at the beginning of your shower to eliminate impurities, then section off five minutes of soak time for a full-body scrub down. Your skin deserves to glow!

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Lavish Luxury

15 to 20 minutes

With efficiency out the window, this shower is perfect for those who crave time away from the world—a state of relaxation and mental repose. What will help you get there? Past your basic cleansing ritual, there’s a number of bath extras to try. Treat your hair to a deep-conditioning mask, have fun with fizzing soaps, or infuse your shower with special essential oils—this is your time to indulge.

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