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No Need for a Disco Ball—This Manicure is a Party on Your Nails


We all own at least one bottle of glitter nail polish. I for one, own many. So many in fact, that I’ve lost count, and yet, I still want more. My glitter obsession doesn’t stop there. I own glitter lipstick and glitter hairspray. I own glitter shoes and glitter accessories. I use so many glitter products on a weekly basis that I seem to leave a trail of fairy dust wherever I go. I think it’s time to admit it—I am a glitter addict. Lucky for me, Ciaté understands.

Their newest Sequin Manicure kit delivers the sparkliest nails I’ve ever produced from home. The set contains a clear “Glitter Grip” topcoat, a mini brush to keep things tidy, and a hefty jar of multicolored glitter which is applied straight to the nail, ensuring that every inch of your claws are covered. The method is simple—lacquer, dip, brush off the excess, and lacquer again. Though the idea of dipping your fingernails in a vat of glitter is nothing new, the unique shades have me dreaming of my New Years’ nails already! Choose from Super Duper—a gold-silver-black mixture, Tutu—a pink-red-purple blend, and Harlequin—a rainbow mix.

Is the Ciaté Sequin Manicure practical? Not really. Expect glitter shedding in your bed, in your shower, on your cat, and on your boyfriend. The sequin manicure is also rough to the touch making your nails scratchy on the tips, as well as the surface—refrain from rubbing your eyes. However, it’s a great manicure to prevent nail biting, unless you’re going for that “glitter in teeth” look. This is a high maintenance manicure for high maintenance gals like myself. Though I needed to touch up every couple days, the compliments I received on my dazzling digits made it worth the trouble.

For those new to the world of glitter, Ciaté recommends using the sequin manicure on only one or two nails for a low-stress look that won’t get all over your house. Those already well-stocked with craft glitters might pass on this pre-made kit, but if you need a foolproof party manicure that catches the light, shine on with these micro sequins.

Ciaté Sequined Manicure, $15, available online and in store now.