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Worth the $18

This cream eyeshadow base is wel worth your money. Before I bought Bare Study, I wondered what could be so special about these when there are plenty cream bases available in the drugstore. What sets this one apart is that it is very easy to work with (a finger or applicator just glides onto the product, whereas some longwearing shadow bases can be dry/patchy), it sets quickly to ensure staying powder, and these gorgeous colors can go under any eyeshadow. They make colors pop AND increase the staying power. An eyeshadow primer is meant to do the same thing except these add a beautiful wash of color.

Surprisingly Awesome

Rosy outlook is a light, yellow toned pink color and it is a gorgeous everyday blush. I love how it applies smoothly, not patchy or overly pigmented like some blushes. I never really hear anyone talking about these but they are well worth the $20. MAC as always offers several gorgeous shades. The best feature of the product is that it really does last on me as claimed, which is rare in most blush products.

Beautiful for Dry girls

This foundation looks absolutely Beauiful on the skin!! All the claims are totally true and I'm so in love!! It lasts well and is moisturizing which is just amazing.

Great for dry skin

This powder is absolutely amazing and well worth the $24. I had originally tried the Mineralize Skininish Natural in the same shade, Medium dark. I love the appearance of MSN so much but Medium dark was WAY too peachy/pink toned on my yellow based skintone. The shade below medium dark is medium plus and that's way too light. So if you can't find an MSN shade that matches, I recommend this one instead. It looks just as natural and gorgeous as MSN and it's perfect for dry skin. I have extremely dry skin so I have to be careful with powder! This doesn't look cakey at all and sets makeup really nicely. :)

Eeeeeeeek! Disappointing

I know a lot of people that enjoy these shadows and that is good for them! I however did not find anything good about the Smoky-i for Browns trio. The color payoff was pretty bad and the shadows had a flaky, chunky texture. I used both a primer and a cream base with these and the colors still didn't really do much for my eyes. It's not always easy to make brown eyes pop anyways but these are definitely not the way to do so!!! I never would have chose the given colors if I were to design a "smoky" kit for people with brown eyes. I say so because the colors were very bland and didn't stand out at all. Drugstore makeup has come such a long way over the years, so I do not expect such bad quality out of drugstore shadows. For example, Wet N Wild makes VERY inexpensive and amazingly pigmented shadows!!

User Friendly, Gorgeous Colors

My favorite eyeshadow quads of all time are made by Maybelline Expert Wear. They have so many color combinations to choose from! One of my favorite quads is Chai Latte but I also love Amethyst Smokes and Emerald Smokes! I want to own every single quad because they are so easy and quick to use. They have a diagram on the back of the packaging for eyeshadow beginners. They really do have outstanding quality and seem to have prettier colors than the other brands. I am open to ALL drugstore brands because I believe that each brand has its ups and downs... Maybelline seems to be very strong in the eyeshadow department!

If you like lipstick, you will like MAC

I chose Creme Cup as my first MAC lipstick and I instantly became addicted to the brand's lip products. They have such an amazing selection of formulas AND beautiful colors. There are hundreds of shades that anyone could enjoy and I love that there are several finishes, so that you can pick what YOU prefer. I personally love the Cremesheen formula the best but I have enjoyed ones from other formulas like Satin and Matte. I was addicted to Creme Cup because it was so ridiculously beautiful, applied nicely, lasted well, flattered my skin tone, and had a delicious scent. Lipsticks sit right under my nose so it's a definite plus if they smell good, ha! I highly recommend any MAC lipstick, even for makeup beginners. The MAC representatives are always nice and let you try on as many colors as you want, so don't be afraid to play around and find your perfect lip color.

Use this with Airy Fairy!!

I was a little scared to pay $15 for a tinted lipglass because a lot of people complain that these are sticky. The first lipglass I bought was Nymphette and I was SO happy with it!! It wasn't nearly as sticky as everyone says or whatever I was anticipating. Sure, it's a thick formula that will grab your wind-blown hair but that's what gives the lipglass staying power. I love this product because a lipgloss with real staying power is hard to find. The product is a little more sheer than I normally like but that's fine because it's called "tinted" so I know they are not marketed to be extremely pigmented. Also, I like to wear this over a lipstick anyways. When I wear Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Airy Fairy and then top it with MAC Nymphette, I get the most beautiful glossy pink finish. Both of these lip products are a warm pink with gold shimmer so they are the perfect duo. Aahhhhhhh I'm so in love! :3

Amazing Quality, Good Price

I got this palette for half off so I think it was around $12 when I ordered it. What an amazing bargain!!! Since it was so inexpensive, I had high hopes based on raving reviews... However I tried to not let the hype overwhelm my personal opinion. But alas, I fell in love with one of my first shadow palettes I ever purchased. The quality is truly wonderful to use. Most of the shadows are very rich and pigmented and apply beautifully on my eyelids. I'm medium skintoned (around NC35 or so) but I feel like this palette is versatile and suitable for all skin tones. I found some of the light, matte shades to be a bit chalky and hard to work with, however some other matte shades are very rich in texture. It's nice to find an inexpensive palette that actually has some matte shades to offer. Most "drugstore" or lower end shadows only have shimmer. I love shimmery eyeshadows myself but it's great to have matte ones to work with as well.

Ok ramble over. This palette is awesome. I love neutral colors. That is all.

Underrated, Affordable, Easy to Use!

I love these because they are so convenient! 3 shades in one little palette and they're extremely affordable! The color payoff is very nice and I kind of like the Noxema-ish smell. That's probably weird of me haha :p anyways I love that I can use the deep shade to contour, the mid shade on my apples, and use the lightest shade to highlight! I have Purely Plum but I want to own them all! I highly recommend this if you want something easy to use, especially for on the go.

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