Beauty Product Reviews

this made my day!!!!

i also ran across this at my local BSS and i am sooooo glad i did. the wear time on this is phenomenal and it lays beautifully on my skin. it doesn't look cakey at all and doesn't budge after you set it. for the price point (around five dollars), i feel that i got a product that performs as well as some of its high end counter parts. don't sleep on this ladies!! this is definitely a great buy!!!

Love This Lipstick!!!

i usually hate the vast majority of lipsticks, but this one has changed my mind totally! this lipstick is feather light and doesn't dry my lips out at all. i also love the fact that it doesn't budge once i put it on. i literally forget i have this lipstick on until i catch my reflection in a mirror. this also has a pretty respectable wear time (about six hours, but i have had it on for longer and it still looked good) and it will even hold up to light snacking : ) i'm very happy with this lipstick and i plan to collect as many colors of this as i can

love it!!!

i love this primer. it keep all of my pressed eyeshadows and loose pigments in place until i'm ready to take it off at the end of the day!!!! great if you have oily lids like i do : )

this palette has made my life!!!

i have super oily skin and i have been searching for a good concealer to cover a few acne marks on my cheeks and chin while i work on fading them away. i don't wear liquid foundation very often because i hate the heavy feeling on my skin so i normally wear only powder and concealer where i need it. most of the concealers i had tried either didn't cover enough or changed to an awful ashy gray once the oil from my skin hit it. i was so excited when i tried this and it actually worked for me!! it gives me a flawless coverage and best of all it doesn't change colors. i also like that i have a few different colors to work with so i can blend the perfect color for my skin!! i can't believe i waited so long to buy it but i'm sooooo glad i finally took the plunge : )

La-la-looooove this mascara!!

i don't really notice the rosy smell that others talk about but i really love how luxurious this makes my lashes look. i haven't even been putting on eyeliner lately because this makes my lash line look so full it would be overkill to put on the liner : )

i love it!!!

i got this a few weeks ago from my local Ulta store. i saw some not so great reviews of it but i figured i would give it a go to form my own opinion and i am so glad i did. it really does help to keep my face from getting super shiny during the day and it works extremely well under my makeup too. my skin feels nicely hydrated without being oily. i also noticed that my skin seems to be breaking out a a little less since i've started using it too (which is always a plus in my book) will most definitely purchase this again : )

Love this stuff!!!!

i use it to clean my brushes but you can use it for so much more!! i have the lavender one and i use it for handwashing delicate items and it makes my clothes smell AMAZING!!! it's definitely a good investment!