LA Splash

Splash Proof Sealer/Base

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Kassie K.

I use this every time I want to place a loose shadow on my lids or apply glitter. It works perfectly and comes off so easy with just a bit of water. I really love it, and will defiantly be repurchasing.

Only downfall, I don't really like the doe foot applicator, but that's just me being picky :p

Shannyn W.
Gotta have it!

Thank you Beautylish! I have finally found the perfect primer that keeps the glitter on my lids! I first saw this product on Jasmine's New Year's Eve Makeup Tutorial and right after watching it I knew that I just had to have it. I always admire all of the different eye glitter products that are on the market but I was sad that I could not really use them because they would never stay on my lid. I dabbed just a little bit of the sealer on my lids and voila the glitter stayed on and I did not have a big mess around my face. I used this on a NYE look that I did and after a few hours of usage the glitter still looked sparkling brand new!

If you are looking to add a bit of sparkle on your eye shadow look, I definitely recommend purchasing this sealer/base so your glittery eyes can shine for many hours!

April F.
love it!!!

i love this primer. it keep all of my pressed eyeshadows and loose pigments in place until i'm ready to take it off at the end of the day!!!! great if you have oily lids like i do : )

Rosa P.
i love this primer

its really cheap and great for shadows and glitter. i love glitter so i use it mainly for that but it works great. really holds everything on for hours and doesnt cause creasing. its so sticky so anything you put on top isnt going anywhere until you wash it off

Jasmyn T.

Ahhh! I seriously love this product. My friends mom got it at a beauty convention in her gift bag and when i tried it i fell in love! I wore tried it before i went to a party, my eyeshadow stayed on all night long!! I also applied it to my T-Zone, and the inner parts of my cheeks, and put my powder on top of it, and my makeup was seriously perfect ALL night, and i get oily pretty easy, so it was amazing!

Miss Manny S.

I'm absolutely obsessed with this primer and I know I'm gonna need a million back ups. I have really dry skin so my problem generally isn't that my eyeshadow creases, but it fades instead. I tend to have a huge problem getting my brow pencils to stay and not smudge and fade by the end of the day, so I tried UDPP first, and it came off SUPER ashy, so I reached for this. This goes on completely and truly clear, keeps my brows in place, and keeps my pencil on too. As it's drying it does feel a bit sticky, but I don't have a problem with that, and when I went to put this on under my eyeshadow, everything stayed BEAUTIFULLY. Definitely my HG eye primer for everything from now on.

Anneka F.
Great for glitter.

This is really good, its very cheap and its great for loose pigments and glitters!!! I got it just for glitters and it works a charm! Keeps them in place all day. Most primers will not keep your glitter on, its very frustrating so was VERY pleased to find this and for such a good price too!

Nadia B.

Hands down the best lid primer I've ever used with loose pigments, loose shadows and loose glitter. A little goes a very long way and the colors will last in extreme heat. What I love most about this product is, you can use it with other brands and it will work just as well.

Jennifer S.

I got this at the suggestion of xsparkage and WOW was she right to adore the product! I am a glitter maniac and have always had trouble finding a way to pack it on and KEEP it on. This fixes that issue for me! There is a slight smell to it but its not unpleasant and it fades after application so its definitely not a downside for me. I would suggest this product to any glitter lovers!

Kim B.
Glitter Base BEAST!

I have to say, I'm a little crazy about my glitter. I love it. This is by far the best glitter base out there, and probably one of the least expensive as well. You only need a little tiny bit. I wouldn't actually recommend it for eyeshadow, as it can get chunky and kinda thick. Ew. And good luck trying to blend anything with this stuff under it. Not gonna happen. Also good to make pigments into liners. I just mix some on the back of my hand and apply it as quick as i can, becuase this stuff dries pretty quickly and then you can't do anything with it.