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I know you should use this on the water line but I use it under and then smoke it out! and it has some effect! I really like it but it is very expensive where I could use coal mac eyeshadow to do the same effect! but Its good I like it and comes out very black!

Okay, I guess.

The wand is good but after I applied it on it became a bit clumpy but it lengthened them a bit and it dried out within 3 months and now I only use the wand to tak away clump which I rarely get now, so I dont think its worth it!

Great shade!

I love this, Its light and easy to apply over my foundation giving me not an oily look from the foundation! I press the powder on with Mac Brush #150 so It goes on smoothly! I love it! Its expensive but personally well worth it!

Perfect shade!

Ive very pale and Ive been looking for the right shade for months now and I went to the Mac shop to see if there was a slight hope and then I saw the lightest colour and was over the moon, It has SPF and gives me coverage! Its a bit expensive but personally I will only use it for going out! I used mac brush #188 with this and it goes on smoothly Ill definitely get this again!

Great for skin products.

This was my first MAC brush I bought and fell in love instantly, its great for bluffering foundation and make it look so natural, It is expensive but its worth the money if you take care of it and will last for years if you clean it good. Aswell, the roundness of the brush is good for the under eye area! Perfect brush.


I love the light pink shade, it goes great with a plain black winged liner, I usually wear it with that and a nude lipstick over it so it wont over power it! I love it but the tiny problem is I cant wear it all the time! And it gives moisture to my lips also!


I always use this mascara as my first layer, I wiggle the wand through to extend my lashes out. Love how the brush is spaced out so you can get the product around without clumps. Very inexpensive and worth all its money!


I got this as a gift and it works really well, It has a thin brush and is very slick putting on my eyelids, I used this everyday, and is definitely gonna use it forever more, and best part it is so inexpensive! Well worth all the money!


I never used heat protector before I watched reviews on youtube, But once I used this, there was INSTANT change, my hair started to grow and started to look more shiny and healthy!

Its alright.

I used this about 4 times and each time my skin broke out but my skin turned out soft so I think its not worth buying as I personally thought it isnt worth it! but Ill give it average as it made my skin soft.

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