Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

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Jillian P.

This mascara is amazing! It makes my lashes look sooo long! I received this mascara as a sample from the Mac store and from the first time I put it on I loved. I loved it so much I purchased the full size. The only downside to this mascara is that it doesn't smell like a normal mascara. But I get past the smell. I love this mascara and it is totally worth the money!!!

Theresa G.
Not a fan

I tried to love this mascara with all the great blogs and you tube reviews I have seen. Not waterproof and it is very important for me that a mascara I wear is waterproof because my eyes get watery. So by the end of the day when I wear this mascara I have raccoon eyes

Kyle G.
Fantastic Mascara

I have used well over 20 different mascaras, this is by far my favorite. I love how easily it applies, I have had zero clumping, building up volume is no problem. I love how black it is, extremely easy to use with the cone shaped brush. I will never use another mascara!

Cecelia F.
favorite mascara.

this is probably my favorite mascara of all time. it doesn't clump, it's long lasting and it extends. i usually start with this mascara and then use a drugstore product over it to get my best results. i recommend this to all my friends constantly. love this product!

Tara M.
Okay, I guess.

The wand is good but after I applied it on it became a bit clumpy but it lengthened them a bit and it dried out within 3 months and now I only use the wand to tak away clump which I rarely get now, so I dont think its worth it!

Megan M.
Favourite High End Mascara

This is my favourite mascara I have ever wore/tried. The wand is quite thin and looks like your average mascara wand, but don't let that put you off though, the smaller applicator makes it a breeze to get those little lashes in the corners without any clumping. The pigment is so strong, it really impressed me that I put it on with a bare face and it made me look like I had a full face of makeup on. I have average length eyelashes, but this mascara really made it look like I had extremely long eyelashes. I love this, when I run out of this mascara I will be buying it again. The price isn't too high for MAC, I purchased this for about $20.

Jesi Marie F.

I love this mascara! ive tried the regular zoom and i think the zoom fast is better and works faster. I like the dramatic kardashian full long black lashes so this works for me. You can achieve this look faster with less coats using this mascara!

Angie R.
Holy Clumps Batman!

This was awful on my's clumpy and messy and gooey and I will NEVER use it again. On the upside, when I use it on others with naturally thick lashes, it looks AMAZING! Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people.

Ashley M.

I personally didnt like this mascara. The only perk is that it lengthened my lashes, but I already have naturally long lashes so it wasn't all the necessary. While it was nice to have more length, the mascara did not volumize my lashes at all. It made them stick together and made them clumpy. the brush applicator was small and I tend to like bigger mascara brushes.

Chawntau T.
Worth the price

This might be the BEST mascara I've ever tried. I like the dramatic lash look, and this is so dark and pigmented. Just make sure you don't blink too soon or it will smear because it stays wet for a while.