Technakohl Liner


Tara M.

I know you should use this on the water line but I use it under and then smoke it out! and it has some effect! I really like it but it is very expensive where I could use coal mac eyeshadow to do the same effect! but Its good I like it and comes out very black!

Andrea S.

I use this liner every day to tightline, fill in my waterline and blended out on my lower lashline. It's an extremely deep black and glides on so smoothly. It's very easy to apply - soft, creamy, pigmented and long lasting; everything you'd look for!

Nicole N S.
Great eyeliner, repurchased various times ;]

The texture is great, really creamy,long lasting (around 12 hours) This is pretty much my everyday eyeliner, I love the formula, ( The kohl liners make my eyes red) I've bought this product various times, wear it everyday, In love with it, My obsession for a year. I'd say if you use this liner everyday it would last 2 months\ month and a half.

Nicole A.
does not cut it

I don't know if it's me because I have extremely oily lids and a very stubborn runny eye but these liners stink. I don't feel that it is black enough to begin with, I love extremely black matte liner. The tip breaks constantly and it dosent even show on my water or tightline. I'm sure the other colors might look nice on the lower inner rim but I will stick with fluidline (:

Theresa G.

I have tried this eyeliner looking for a long lasting eyeliner. Unfortunately this product did not deliver that. I found myself re applying after 2 hours of wear. I definitely do love the fluidline. Now that's and eyeliner!