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Great for Nail Art Stamping!

The brushes are a little klunky to get used to at first when using any of the colors, but most of them go on with two to three strokes and are opaque without streaks. They dry nice and quickly, and last about a week on my nails when used with Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat and Orly Rubberized Bonder Base Coat. Great value for the price indeed! I'm also into Konad nail stamping, and in lieu of purchasing the Konad "Special Polish", I use these instead since the formula is thicker and I've had awesome results each time! Winterland White is great as a base and a stamping color- I haven't had such an opaque white in my collection in a long time! The only "con" like I said is the brush size and shape... It's odd the brush is so wide and rounded. It's great for bigger nails, but I have average sized ones and my pinkies are small- so I always get a lot of product I have to clean up on the edges from it. I think if done correctly, pushing down the brush spreads the color evenly if you do it on one side of your nail first, then the other side... And only if needed do a swipe down the center of the nail. Small ones, you can probably just skip it and do one brush. The SV TC really sets everything in less than 15 minutes, and I can get to crafting and chores without having to worry about chipping or "bunching". I'd love to see a silver metallic version of these polishes come out!

The reason for an "Average" rating: The Fail-Aversary Sale which lots of people got locked out from. If you're not ready to handle a sale and influx of customers, don't offer a good promotion. Or at the very least- make it up to customers at a later date for the same discount.

That being said- I really like this product as a base over primer for my eye looks. It really does make the colors "pop" and appear to be more vibrant. I de-potted mine because sharpening the pencil makes for a lot of product waste, so I simply use it straight from a small jar I melted it into. I think it's much easier to apply with a light hand in its de-potted state than the pencil form- you don't overdo it, or end up with creasing because it's been put on too heavy handed. Creasing will happen if the color isn't worked into skin well, or if too much has been used.

All in all, this is a nice addition to my looks. There's an indie company that currently makes a similar base with less ingredients that I'm also going to be trying to see how they compare.

Practice Makes Perfect for Salon looking nails!

I found Konad through a friend online, and thought it had to be difficult. I mean- those nails with the intricate designs HAD to be ridiculously overpriced... Right?

Wrong! I typically buy my plates on because there are some cheapies that float around. Konad stamping is fun, because you can come up with endless combinations, designs, patterns, and basically have something for every occasion!

It's a little tricky to learn how to stamp well at first, but after the first two times... You'll be a pro too! I'm constantly asked where I get my nails done... And very proud to say "I do them myself!" Expensive looking nails for pennies- yes, I like that idea very much!


I only use this when my skin is super-dry, so that way I don't end up looking like a greaseball. This oil, if used on nourished skin, tends to sit on top and not soak in... Therefore leaving you as an oil slick.

However, I use it on my problem areas that have very dry skin, and it works like a charm! It also smells amazing, and the lightweight formula is nice!

Go-To Brush

This little blender is so versatile, I use it with almost all of my looks! It's not too fluffy, it's not heavy, sparse, or "cheap". I'd like it if it were a little softer, but this gets the job done just fiiiiine!

When I want to do a really smokey, blended out eye look, I use this as my crease brush also. The control offered with this brush is terrific!!

I did find that the handle popped out of the ferrule, but it was an easy fix to superglue it back on. That's really the only "complaint" I have with this brush. It was a little stiff and scratchy when I first started to use it, but after a few washings and "swirling" on a pair of jeans... It's just as soft as some of my eco-tools brushes.

For a dollar, this is definitely worth it.

Soft, Even Coverage

This is a great brush to apply foundation with. Since I apply my mineral foundation a bit damp, this brush picks up *just enough* and ends up leaving me with a flawless finish without any streaks. Depending on coverage wanted, you can apply foundation lightly or build up to heavier without looking like you've caked on a bunch of product.

I haven't tested it yet with liquid foundation.

The brush is easy to clean, keeps its shape very well, and feels good in my hand. It's not too heavy or feather light- it's a great feeling brush!

Foundation WIN! There's a match for everyone!!!

So, where to begin.... Meow hands down is my favorite foundation. I am a very pale, "fishbelly white" complexion (as I like to call it) because I'm Italian and a touch of Irish. I don't know how, but I ended up with near translucent skin that's almost impossible to find a foundation shade match. For years, I had been wearing the lightest shades of liquid foundation I could find... And still, they made me look yellow. Or pink. Or sick. It caked on, and never, ever matched no matter what I did or how much blending I attempted.

Last year, I started delving into mineral makeup thanks to some friends of mine... And I discovered Meow Cosmetics. I was astounded by the sheer number of foundation shades... And was then floored again when I realized they have over 40+ hues, and *three* different coverage levels! That's over 120+ foundations! AND, if you have difficulty still finding the perfect shade for your skin tone, you can mix and match shades. How many companies do you know that does that!? I know of just this one!! Plus- you can try before you buy... Sample baggies for $1 so you don't have to commit to purchasing a shade that's wrong for you!

Yup... Insta-Fan here!

I ordered blindly- because I know I'm the palest of the pale. Personally, I wear the medium coverage foundation- Purr-Fect Puss in Siamese Inquisitive -0. Basically, it's a very pale porcelain foundation with no undertones.

The price for the foundation may be a little off-putting, but if you consider that you're essentially purchasing over a 1/4c of product for around $24... It's a steal! I apply mine wet, with a stippling brush, and this not only reduces fallout all over my clothes... But uses less product, therefore making my foundation last longer. Applying it this way also gives an air-brushed makeup look without the expensive equipment! I've had my jar for well over 6 months- and I still see no noticeable difference as far as making a dent in my product. Win!

Since switching to mineral makeup/foundation, I've found that I have much better coverage and overall evened out skin tone... With the bonus being my face suffers far fewer blemishes and breakouts as I had with bigger commercial brand foundations.

I am forever and ever a customer! (And if you want to die for shadows, check those out too!)

Addicting doesn't seem a strong enough word...

As far as indie makeup companies go, this is hands down one of my favorite FAVORITE places to shop!

All the Chromalusts are finding their way into my collection, and for good reason. The colors are soft, highly pigmented, a dream to blend, last for hours with NO fading (at least for me), sparkle like you wouldn't believe, don't "muddy"... And Golidlux is a MUST-HAVE gold in your collection.

If you love color and aren't afraid to go bold with your looks- Sugarpill is the answer!! Pictured here I've used Asylum, Lumi & Goldilux. Asylum is also used on my lips.

My Favorite Nail Colors!

SC has come a LONG way... I have a bottle of glitter polish from 15+ years ago, and yes... I still use it!

I find the neon colors and my glittery black chip after a day or so... But otherwise, I love my polishes! I always use a top coat to lock my colors onto my nails, and typically that makes them last anywhere from 3 days to over a week. So for around $2, I have different nails whenever I want them. Who wouldn't love that?!

Affordable, easy to use, easy to clean... This is a great little tool kit! The brushes are very dense and pick up color easily, and the eyeliner brush is my favorite! They're also the softest brushes in my collection to date.

Being eco-friendly is also a huge plus for me!

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