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Taste The Rainbow

If you need a color, it's here! This palette has a terrific selection of every hue in the color spectrum, and they're amplified when used with a primer and a whitening base. The only ones I've found a bit chalky are the yellow pigments and a few of the lighter ones, but that's usually the case with yellow /light shadows I've used. A little extra attention is needed when working with those shadows, but it's not difficult at all. The shadows look like they're quite small, but when you take into consideration they're pressed into a rather high "dome" shape- there's a lot of pigment in these palettes! This will last you quite some time, even with frequent use. I love the fact I can create anything from neutral looks to bright, nearly neon eyes. The palette itself is easy to hold, takes up very little room with its slim design, and the plastic case is great at avoiding any potential damage to the shadows.

Disclosure: I won this palette from BH in a contest they held, but there was no requirement for a review to be done. I'm just very happy with the product and wanted to share my opinion.

My Must-Have

I've always had chipped, torn nails... And once in a blue moon was able to grow my nails to the same, short length.

Once I found this topcoat, it all changed. I use their strengthening matte nail treatment, overlay it with a rubberized base coat, do 2 coats of my color, and SV top coat it. Oftentimes, I do Konad/Bundle Monster nail art stamping, so this means another layer of polish for the design, and the finishing top SV topcoat. 15 minutes after I've done my nails, I can do almost anything I feel like. My nails don't chip, bend, tear, break, and I have very little tip wear for about a week if I'm really careful. My pedicures last well over a month without chipping, but since I do use my hands often and depending on the type of polish I use, I get anywhere 3 days to over a week of pretty nails.

I have found that if the polish thickens too much with use, it does bubble and/or pull up the color at the edges of the nail. It also tends to "push" up after 3 days at my tips when it's that thick, and that's probably one of the only cons I have about the product. I buy the professional size bottle (x-large) and refill my small bottle as needed. This helps to restore the thin consistency of the top coat and prevent the problems of having the formula thicken. I'll never buy just the little bottle again!

I think the best thing I love about this top coat is the fact that my nails look fresh as long as I have my manicure- so if it's only 3 days, or upwards of a week (and sometimes two!)... My nails look like they were just painted at the salon... But my not-so-little-secret that stuns everyone is that I do them myself!

A little tube of fabulous!

I have 45 Bitten Berry, and I really like it. It's a bright fuchsia color, and is really quite perfect for summertime. While it's a great price for the product, I do find that it dries quickly and sometimes is a bit streaky. To avoid streaks, I smack my lips together to distribute the color while it's still wet, and it seems to work pretty well. Worn alone, your lips will be dry.

I love using this as a base for some of my bright pink lipsticks, but I also just put a dollop of clear or iridescent gloss/balm to keep my pout a bit more moisturized. (the picture shows the lip stain with a touch of iridescent clear gloss over it) The stain lasts, and lasts, and lasts... And I love the fact that it smells like berries!

Very Good Product at a Great Price

I purchased Ivory, Plum, Midnight, Gunmetal and Black. Out of the five, Plum and Gunmetal are my favorites. Four of them are wonderfully creamy when dipped in to the pot with an eyeliner brush. The colors are easy to apply to my lids, and go on with just enough product to make it as sheer or dramatic as I want. They're wonderfully pigmented, have amazing staying power (especially in this summer heat) and don't flake on me unless I accidentally put on too thick a line- which I did the first application. Black is great for a dramatic, retro-pin up or sexpot look. It defines the eyes beautifully, and creates a nice "inky black" look. Plum and Midnight are just lighter than black to make someone realize you're wearing either a purple or a blue liner, not just a black one. The pop of color is fun. Gunmetal is a beautiful smoky gray that makes it a snap to create a smoked out, sexy look without being too heavy. Overall, those colors I'm very impressed with.

The only one of the lot I have which I despise is Ivory. I think I'll be using it as an eye shadow base instead of liner, provided I can even pick up color on my *finger*, nevermind getting a brush in there. It's thick, it's flaky, and the color payoff is awful.

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