Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation


Brenda L.

I thought i would love this foundation by itself but doesn't give enough coverage for me, but i still like it.. I use this more as a primer since it leaves my skin looking flawless and makes my pores look smaller, i think it's weird but this would definitely be my favorite if it was full coverage..

Yasmin G.
must tryy

I love this foundation. its easy to put on and it leaves your face super smooth . the thinq that i dont like it that is doesnt stay on for lonq .

Jessie I.
I love it!

I use this everyday, as my regular foundation. It makes my skin soft, smooth, and gives it this nice aura! I could only use this! If you use to much, you might get the "ashy skin"< I don't get that, so I'm satisfied with this~

Delaney B.
I don't love it

I really like the consistency of this foundation, but it just didn't work with my skin. It felt kind of thick, and made my skin a weird tone. It felt like I was wearing foundation, and I just don't like that feeling. I am happy that it works for some of you, but it just didn't feel that good on my skin personally.

Tianna D.
I'm on my second jar!

I personally love this foundation. I need a foundation with a fuller coverage and this foundation gives me that. Especially if I use a foundation brush (I just use the $1 one from E.L.F.). I haven't had any "ashy face" issues with this at all. I recommend this to all my friends and so far none of them have had any complaints either! You just can't go wrong with this foundation. It doesn't feel heavy, it's easy to blend, it's creamy as hell, and it has medium to full coverage. What more could you ask for?

Kendra S.

I really like this foundation. It has a super light feel and looks really natural on my skin. I love how it feels like I'm not wearing foundation. It has a semi-matt finish and it really easy to buff in. It makes my skin pretty flawless. I also do not need much to make my skin look amazing. So far this is one of the best drug store brand foundations i've tried.

Veronica T.
Changed my mind, I would give it 4 stars

I had to come back and re-edit this because I actually bought one! I decided to give it another try. Although the color is not my exact color I dont need full coverage, so I apply it to certain areas only. Its very smooth looking and as I said because its nice if you just want a flawless look without needing a heavy coverage.


Lizzette G.
Ashy face?

While I love how soft and light this stuff is, it sort of made my face look ashy or pale. I got the color closest to mine and it still gives that cast. Wouldn't repurchase

Sonia C.
If you like a dirty looking face...

This stuff was horrible. it balled up on my skin during application. The color available for my skin tone had a grey undertone. Ive tried over 20 foundations and this will be at the bottom of "MUST TRY" list.

Breanna R.
Love it!

I really though it would be bad but i actually really like it! I don't have perfect skin but i don' have bad skin! Perfect for school and those days where you don't feel like wearing much. The texture is SO cool and blends in like water!