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Beauty Product Reviews

Best foundation in the world!!!

It would be awesome if it wasn't $40 a bottle, but I guess every penny is worth it. I have a hard time finding foundations that have a warm undertone and I'm very yellow, so anyone who has a warm undertone with their skin, definitely look into this foundation. It's not heavy at all, and if you feel that this foundation is too sheer, you can always build up the coverage and it will deliver. :-)

Amazing lash adhesive.

This stuff is amazing. It holds the lashes like no one's business, and it doesn't tear off your lids when you take them off. Plus, it's cheap and I can get them anywhere and not have to travel all the way to orlando to get it. I live in a small town near Orlando, and unfortunately we don't have a MAC or Sephora or any other high end beauty supply stores, just Ultas. It really sucks.

<3 these.

Totally worth it!!!

This is an amazing product. I use this after I wax my legs because I'm very prone to ingrown hairs. Not only does this make my skin look smoother, but it gives it a lovely glow. I use the Brazilian nut sugar scrub instead of this one mainly because I love the smell better, but more or less, they're pretty much the same. Sometimes, when I haven't exfoliated my face in a long time, I use a little bit on my face and it does wonders, however, it's a very harsh exfoliant so I keep the usage to a minimum when it comes to my face. What makes this product even more amazing is that it's only $5 for 18 oz. Who doesn't love a good product that's cheap?

Not a great formula...

The bristles of this brush are amazing. They are amazing at separating eyelashes and they create lovely volume, however, I found the formula to be not so great. When I tried this product, it would flake off over time within the span of a few hours. Did anyone else have that problem?

This little orb has magical powers.

No seriously. It makes you WANT to put on chapstick because of the packaging. I've had loads of chapsticks and sadly, most of them went to waste because I would lose them, and they weren't fun to use on my lips. EOS is a friggin genius because they made it fun to put chapstick on! Granted, I'm no chapstick expert, but hey, the other chapsticks are too boring and monotonous for me to try.


This is an amazing product, no lie. I've had days were i've worn so much mascara, and it literally takes it all away. My two sisters have very sensitive skin, and they haven't reacted to this.

Not a fan at all.

I've tried this eyeliner because of the hype. Frankly I didn't like it. It took a few tries for me to get the liner to appear black, and when I did seem to be successful, it didn't give a matte finish. It looked like painted plastic. I'm a bigger fan of the sephora's liquid eyeliner. Maybe i'm weird.


I've had better removers. I had to use a lot of this product to remove my makeup, and I tried different eyeliners and mascaras, cheap and expensive. I'm not really a fan of this. This don'e burn or sting or anything, I guess I ended up with a crappy bottle. Neutrogena's eye makeup remover seems to be supereffective (someone please get my reference).